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Kriebel Law Firm, PLLC – Your Aggressive Bexar County Divorce Lawyer

Aggressive. Knowledegable. Experienced.

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Whether it’s a simple divorce you just need guidance with, or you need someone to be the bulldog, Kriebel Law Firm, PLLC can help you.


Adoptions can be some of the most rewarding times for an attorney. Find an experienced Bexar County Adoption Lawyer that can help you with every step.

Property Distribution

Make sure your community estate is divided equitably with an experienced, aggressive attorney.

Spousal Maintenance

Find out when and how spousal maintenance is ordered. Know your rights.

Protective Orders

Defending them. Getting them. Whatever you need. Get safe. Get stable. Get peace of mind. Secure an order of protection so that you can get out of a domestic violence situation.

Child Custody

Know the “Best Interest of the Child” factors and have an attorney willing to fight tooth and nail with you over them.

Experience matters. Knowledge matters.

When a legal issue involves your family or your freedom, it is crucial to retain the help of a lawyer who will help you obtain the best possible solution. At Kriebel Law Firm, PLLC in San Antonio, Texas, I advocate for clients dealing with a wide range of family law matters. For almost 20 years, I’ve dedicated myself to each of the cases I take on. You can be confident that I’ll use that experience to capably serve you.

Bexar County Divorce


Bexar County Divorce Lawyer clients say:

I was hit with a surprise divorce petition which cast me in the most negative matter in order to gain assets and possible maintenance from me. I’m glad I chose Ms. Jacqueline Kriebel. She was upfront, communicative, responsive, and professional throughout. She was able to give genuine advice which helped me get through this legal process with minimal stress and loss to my present and future assets. I’ll always be grateful. I give Ms. Kriebel my highest recommendation.


I’m 62 years old and have had many attorneys over the past 62 years of my life. I have had BAD experiences with attorneys until I met Ms. Kriebel. Jacqueline kept us informed with all that was going on it our case. She was right up front about the outcome and fought our rights. Whenever we called and could not talk to her she would always return our calls. All I can say is that she is GREAT!!!! She is a asset to the legal profession!! If I ever need an attorney you can bet she will be the one that I call. Jacqueline Kriebel WON our case and we want to say THANK YOU very much.


Jacqueline Kriebel is a Superstar family attorney. She took all the correct legal steps to bring a quick and favorable resolution to my case in the absence of a mutual agreement. She communicated with me efficiently and provided legal guidance every step of the way.

She is very knowledgeable and professional. She addressed issues in court as they arose effectively. I am very pleased with her overall service.

– Family Law Client

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